Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions on how often I can use my property?
Yes, in order to maximize revenue, we do restrict owners to 6 weeks of scheduled use during peak season (Mid November through the end of April). However if the property is vacant you may book dates for yourself 3 days out anytime, by calling the leasing office. You may also use the property as much as you like in the off seasons.

How do I block out time for myself?
There are a couple of ways for you to do this. You may either call our office or you can block out time online using your own personal password up to 1 year in advance.

Do I have to block my use even in the non-peak season months?
Yes, It is critical that we always know when you are in your unit.

How far in advance do you book paying guest reservation?
Up to 1 year in advance.

How can I maximize revenue?
You can maximize revenue by simply avoiding homeowner use during peak season and high demand peak dates. Thanksgiving, Christmas and the entire months of March and April.

May I also rent the home myself?
No our contract is exclusive to La Quinta Resort Leasing.

May I use the resort facilities?
Yes our homeowners and their guests have full use at all of the resort facilities at the hotel guest rates. Each time you arrive, simply come into the leasing office and get your access passes.

How do I know if my property is booked?
You can always check online using your own personal password or call the leasing office to check on availability.

May I clean the property after my own use?
No, we will always have our housekeepers do a departure clean after any use. This insures that all properties are in a clean rentable condition whenever the property is available.

How often am I paid for rentals?
Checks are sent out monthly for any rentals that departed in that month.
Example: For a rental from 12-26 to 1-2. You are paid at the end of Jan. since the guest departed in Jan.

Will I receive a call for authorization every time work is needed in my home?
We must maintain the property in a rent ready condition at all times. We do not ask for authorization on small repairs. In a non emergency situation we do call you for repairs over $500.00.

Will you provide me with a list of upgrades needed or items needed my property?
Yes during the non peak-season we will do a complete inspection of the property and let you know of any items that we feel should be done at that time.

Are invoices for work done added to my statement or are they sent directly to me?
All invoices will be added to your monthly statement and deducted from rent revenue if any.

How often is my property inspected during the peak season months?
Property inspections are a large part of our program. Homes are inspected in 2 or 3 ways with every reservation.
1. We have maintenance staff inspection arrivals.
2. We have housekeeping inspection departures.
3. We have office staff inspecting both arrivals and departures.

How often is my property inspected during the non-peak months?
Every property is enrolled in our monthly summer inspection program free of charge. More frequent inspections can be requested for a monthly charge.

How much security deposit does each guest pay?
Our guests do not pay security deposits rather they pay for an insurance policy which covers up to $3000.00 of any reported damage. Be aware that this policy will cover items damaged by the guest, but will not cover normal wear and tear items.

Do I have to have telephone and internet service at the property?

Can my home be for sale while in the rental program?
Yes, as long as your agent understands that the home cannot be shown while tenant occupied.

What if my home sells while I am still under contract?
a. The new buyer may continue in the rental program if he chooses.
b. If the buyer does not want to be part of the rental program he may be obligated to honor existing reservations. This must be disclosed by the Real Estate Agents. In this case if possible we will make every effort to move existing reservations.

Is there a charge to join the program?
We do charge a flat fee of $400.00 to join the program included in that fee is the initial clean, all the duplicate keys that are needed, professional photography, marketing fees for promotional expenses, and website integration.

Do I have to pay TOT (occupancy) tax.
The city of La Quinta does require that TOT tax be paid on every reservation under 30 nights. La Quinta Resort Leasing collects the occupancy tax from guests and pays the city of La Quinta on your behalf. Legacy Villas is the exception TOT tax is collected and paid to the city of La Quinta on every reservation,